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Janeen Kleffman
Camp Sertoma Leadership Team

I am so excited to be the Director for Camp Sertoma again this year!

I am hearing. My journey in learning about the world of hearing loss and deafness started with my nephew, Sam. He was born hearing and became deaf at the age of one from spinal meningitis. My daughter, Megan (hearing), was born the same year so Sam and Megan were very close cousins and spent a lot of time growing up together. Thatís why I am connected to the world of hearing loss and deafness.

I have been a Nationally Certified interpreter through RID, an Interpreter Referral Specialist for 33 counties in Minnesota, a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Minnesota State Council on Disability, and an award from the Communities of Deaf and Hard of Hearing for Dedicated Services. I have been a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for 5 years and currently service 12 school districts in Northeastern Minnesota in that role. I have been the camp director for Campfire USA at Camp Bluewater including directing day camp, canoe trips, and outdoor education programs. I received an Outstanding Services award for my work there. I have college degrees in Educational Interpreting, Deaf Studies, Outdoor Recreation and a Masterís Degree in Education.

I am an equestrian and live on a farm near Grand Rapids, Minnesota, with a donkey, a mule, a horse, a cat and a Basset Hound named Penelope. I spend weekends horse camping throughout northern Minnesota.

I canít wait for all the fun we are going to have at Camp Sertoma again this year! See you there.

Breanna Boyce
Camp Sertoma Leadership Team
Assistant Director

Hello everyone!
I am Breanna, and I will be one of the Assistant Directors for Camp Sertoma again this year! I am a hearing ASL Interpreter with a passion for (and a lot of experience with) working with children, and that has led me to this wonderful opportunity! I am excited to be on the Leadership Team with Jacqui and Janeen.
I was in my senior year of studying Theatre at MSU, Mankato when I took an ASL class for fun. I fell in love with the language and Deaf culture, and knew that I had found the path for me. I went to St. Catherine University, and since graduation, have been working hard towards certification. I like to stay busy, so I do freelance, educational, VRS, and theatrical work. I live and work in Mankato, MN.
Outside of work, my passions include anything Disney, Harry Potter, biking, kayaking, watching movies and TV, going to live theater performances, reading, and just being around close friends.
I cannot wait for Camp Sertoma. I believe we will have a great time. See you there!

Jacqui Shasky
Camp Sertoma Leadership Team
Assistant Director

I am excited to be one of the Assistant Directors again for Camp Sertoma this summer!

I grew up with a hearing loss in both ears. My hearing loss was found when I was 5 years old; mild hearing loss. I started losing my hearing gradually starting in college. I am now deaf in one ear and have a severe to profound hearing loss in the other ear. I chose to get a Cochlear Implant 6 years ago for my right ear and continue to use a hearing aid in my left ear. I have grown up in and around both the hard of hearing and Deaf world.

I received lots of support from my teachers and parents growing up, so I decided I wanted to be a teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TDHH). I have a License in Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Elementary Education. I have been working as a TDHH for the last 13 years in Southern Minnesota. I have had the opportunity to do camp with many of my studentsí and Region 9 at Camp Confidence Learning Center many times throughout the years there. I look forward to all the fun we will have doing Camp Sertoma this year!! I will see you there.


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